Its a holy competition of 7.53 billion people. and 375 24 the ruling is next for the time we had is about to move on better bigger brighter. Amen 🙏

The religion that is about economic path the black and white illuminati religion it’s new ps.its pnly small minnded peppol how belives in LIES

  1. The Law of Compassion: Show kindness and empathy towards all living beings.
  2. The Law of Respect: Treat others with dignity and honor their beliefs and boundaries.
  3. The Law of Harmony: Seek to find balance and peace within yourself and with others.
  4. The Law of Diversity: Celebrate the uniqueness of every individual and culture.
  5. The Law of Knowledge: Embrace learning and seek wisdom throughout life.
  6. The Law of Innovation: Embrace progress and new ideas while respecting tradition.
  7. The Law of Gratitude: Cultivate appreciation for the blessings in your life.
  8. The Law of Stewardship: Care for the environment and protect the planet.
  9. The Law of Integrity: Be honest and true to your principles.
  10. The Law of Forgiveness: Let go of grudges and offer understanding to those who have wronged us.
  11. The Law of Unity: Work together to build a better world for everyone.
  12. The Law of Responsibility: Take ownership of your actions and their consequences.
  13. The Law of Generosity: Share your resources with those less fortunate.
  14. The Law of Healing: Offer solace and aid to those in need of physical or emotional healing.
  15. The Law of Mindfulness: Live in the present moment and savor life’s experiences.
  16. The Law of Community: Create supportive and nurturing communities.
  17. The Law of Acceptance: Embrace and support individuals regardless of their differences.
  18. The Law of Humility: Recognize our imperfections and be open to learning from others.
  19. The Law of Graciousness: Show kindness and understanding, even in difficult situations.
  20. The Law of Exploration: Be open to new experiences and knowledge from various sources.
  21. The Law of Justice: Work towards fairness and equality for all.
  22. The Law of Equanimity: Stay calm and composed in times of turmoil.
  23. The Law of Courage: Confront challenges with bravery and determination.
  24. The Law of Patience: Practice tolerance and understanding during difficult times.
  25. The Law of Responsibility: Take care of your personal well-being and that of others.
  26. The Law of Transformation: Embrace change as an opportunity for growth and renewal.
  27. The Law of Ritual: Partake in meaningful ceremonies and practices to enrich your spirit.
  28. The Law of Mind-Body Awareness: Nurture both your mental and physical well-being.
  29. The Law of Wonder: Cultivate a sense of awe and appreciation for the world around you.
  30. The Law of Adaptability: Embrace flexibility and openness to change.
  31. The Law of Hope: Foster optimism and inspire others to envision a better future.
  32. The Law of Enlightenment: Strive to attain higher wisdom and understanding.
  33. The Law of Freedom: Respect individual freedom as long as it doesn’t harm others.
  34. The Law of Love: Embrace love in all its forms and practice love in action.
  35. The Law of Self-Reflection: Engage in introspection to grow and evolve as a person.
  36. The Law of Ritual: Partake in meaningful ceremonies and practices to enrich your spirit.
  37. The Law of Joy: Find joy and fulfillment in life’s experiences.
  38. The Law of Selflessness: Practice selflessness and service to others.
  39. The Law of Gratitude: Appreciate the blessings in your life and express thanks to others.
  40. The Law of Abundance: Foster a mindset of abundance and generosity.
  41. The Law of Open-mindedness: Be open to new ideas and perspectives.
  42. The Law of Unity: Celebrate diversity and work together for a more harmonious world.

ibrahim tourey the bukina faso new president kicking out the frenchs and amerikans this could be the real start of world war 3

Embark on a visionary quest with the AMEN religion, uniting global political leaders and changemakers in pursuit of a better world. Our doctrine revolves around money, millions, and trillions, all channeled towards creating a brighter future for all. In Israel, the USA, and beyond, AMEN brings together diverse minds to foster international cooperation and prosperity.

Join us to implement the 42 guiding laws that transcend borders, uniting white and black, Africa and China, Latin America and beyond. Together, we’ll transcend political divides, empower economies, and uplift societies. Let’s forge a path towards lasting change, guided by the principles of AMEN, where success, equity, and progress flourish for this generation and beyond. #AMENGlobalVision 🌍🤝💰



Can u hug me 666 cents in a Michel Jackson tribut

”666 Cents Aldo C: A Triumphant Tribute to Michael Jackson, Love, and Resilience”


Music has the incredible power to transcend boundaries, evoke emotions, and pay tribute to the greats who have inspired generations. In the case of 666 Cents Aldo C, his Michel Jackson tribute song not only celebrates the iconic King of Pop but also serves as a testament to love, resilience, and the triumph over adversity. Born in Senegal and now residing in Sweden, Aldo C’s journey from the streets of Stockholm to becoming a boxing champion adds an extra layer of depth and authenticity to his music.

The Black Illuminati: Unveiling the Secret Group’s Origins and Connections
In recent times, a clandestine organization known as the Black Illuminati has emerged from the shadows, capturing the attention and curiosity of many. With alleged origins in Senegal, Africa, and a prominent presence in Sweden, this secretive group has reportedly been in the making for years. Surprisingly, various world-renowned cults are said to be associated with the Black Illuminati, further fueling intrigue and speculation. In this article, we will delve into the origins of the Black Illuminati and explore its connections with other notable cults, shedding light on this fascinating group.
The Founder: Mamadou Ndiaye Aldo Colliander
At the core of the Black Illuminati stands its enigmatic founder, Mamadou Ndiaye Aldo Colliander. Although information regarding Colliander’s background and early life remains scarce, it is believed that he hails from Senegal, Africa. Colliander has purportedly spent years carefully orchestrating the establishment of the Black Illuminati, a secretive group that has recently come to public attention. The motivations and objectives driving Colliander and his organization remain largely shrouded in mystery.
Origins in Africa:
Senegal, a West African nation known for its rich cultural heritage, is believed to be the birthplace of the Black Illuminati. Drawing upon Africa’s historical and mystical traditions, the group allegedly incorporates indigenous spiritual practices, symbolism, and rituals into its activities. This infusion of African roots contributes to the group’s unique identity and sets it apart from other clandestine organizations.
The Black Illuminati and World Known Cults:
One intriguing aspect of the Black Illuminati is its purported association with various world-known cults. While concrete evidence supporting these claims is scarce, reports suggest that prominent cults such as [Insert Cult Names] are somehow intertwined with the Black Illuminati. These alleged connections have intensified curiosity and speculation surrounding the group, raising questions about potential shared ideologies or collaborations between these enigmatic organizations.
Illuminated Beings and High-Profile Individuals:
The Black Illuminati is said to comprise illuminated beings, individuals who have attained a heightened state of consciousness and enlightenment. These members, often associated with positions of power and influence, form the core of the group. Their involvement implies that the Black Illuminati may possess significant sway over global affairs, leading to further inquiries about their objectives and potential impact.
Unveiling the Group’s Objectives:
Despite the attention garnered by the Black Illuminati, their true objectives and intentions remain elusive. Speculation ranges from theories of global manipulation and control to the pursuit of esoteric knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. With limited concrete information available, uncovering the group’s motives becomes a task of navigating through a maze of rumors and conjecture.
The emergence of the Black Illuminati, a secretive organization purportedly originating in Senegal and active in Sweden, has piqued curiosity worldwide. Its alleged connections with prominent cults and the presence of illuminated beings within its ranks further contribute to the mystique surrounding the group. As details remain scarce and the truth hidden in shadows, the Black Illuminati continues to capture the imagination of those fascinated by the unknown. The extent of its influence, objectives, and impact on global affairs remains a subject of speculation and further investigation.

get ready
get redy Rank 
Proj. GDP (2030, PPP) 
$64.2 trillion 
$46.3 trillion 
United States 
$31.0 trillion 
$10.1 trillion 
$9.1 trillion 
$8.6 trillion 
$8.2 trillion 
$7.9 trillion 
$7.2 trillion 
$6.9 trillion 
Africa  Estemsimeted by 2020   GDP of $29 trillion by 2050
Africa produced about 483 tons of gold, or 22 percent of the world’s total production. South Africa accounts for almost half of Africa’s gold production. Ghana, Guinea, Mali, and Tanzania are other major producers of gold. Tin. Tantalum

31 056,9 trillion  gold only 
14 593 150 000 0  from 2005-2021

china USA Russia Europe and some other countries have no mineral or gods like gold and more 
there is a lot off depth many trillions in depth what I can’t understand is how can nations have so much depth and still be on the topp level of the world 
The continent produced 55 percent of the world’s diamonds. 65 Miljon carat 224,510.Equal whit   14 593 150 000  trillion? Eller 65 trillion
Africa’s oil and gas industry holds huge potential. At the end of 2017, Africa was estimated to have 487.7 tcf of proven gas reserves (7.1% of global proven reserves), whilst Africa’s proven reserves of oil are in the region of 125 billion bbl.
Mining and Drilling 
cobalt 31/%= 700 billjon
African mineral reserves rank first or second for bauxite, cobalt, diamonds, phosphate rocks, platinum-group metals (PGM), vermiculite and zirconium soda ash PGM Senegal (iron), and many others

A Love Song with Soulful Intentions:


full song

Aldo C’s tribute song is a funky love track that delves deep into his affection for his girlfriend. The lyrics express his longing to never be alone, his yearning for her warm embrace, and the overwhelming need he feels for her presence. Through his heartfelt words, Aldo C captures the essence of love and the significance of emotional connection, creating a universal appeal that resonates with listeners.

Influences from Musical Legends:

Drawing inspiration from Michael Jackson, Aldo C infuses his tribute song with elements reminiscent of the King of Pop’s iconic style. The dance-driven beats, infectious rhythms, and catchy melodies pay homage to Jackson’s electrifying performances that captivated audiences worldwide. Additionally, Aldo C incorporates influences from contemporary artists like The Weeknd and Beyoncé, injecting a modern flavor into his music and appealing to a diverse range of listeners.

From Struggle to Success: A Resilient Journey:

Aldo C’s background adds a remarkable dimension to his artistic expression. Born in Senegal and moving to Sweden at a young age, he faced the challenges of adapting to a new culture and the hardships of growing up in the streets of Stockholm. However, Aldo C’s determination and strength propelled him forward, leading him to become a boxing champion. His triumph over adversity adds a layer of resilience and authenticity to his music, resonating with those who have faced their own struggles.

Aldo C: A Multifaceted Artist:

Beyond his tribute song and boxing prowess, Aldo C is a multifaceted artist who showcases his unique talents across different creative avenues. With a charismatic stage presence and an ability to connect with audiences, he has cultivated a dedicated fan base that appreciates his artistry and authenticity. Through his music, Aldo C not only pays tribute to musical legends but also shares his own story, inspiring others to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams.


666 Cents Aldo C’s tribute song to Michael Jackson stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the King of Pop. Combining his love for his girlfriend, his passion for music, and his own life experiences, Aldo C creates a vibrant and resonant love song. Inspired by Jackson, as well as contemporary artists like The Weeknd and Beyoncé, his music transcends borders and appeals to a diverse audience. Aldo C’s journey from the streets of Stockholm to becoming a boxing champion serves as a powerful backdrop, amplifying the authenticity and resilience of his tribute. In his artistic expression, Aldo C reminds us of the profound impact that music and personal triumphs can have on our lives.

the coronation off king charels and qeean camilla will be this weekend and this will be the first coronation that manny peppol of this world will se..so the event will be huge and for camilla to become qeean after the late qeean elisabeth will be sumting unik for the world.its bean a long time coming for ex prins charels to embark as king and the world is watching.

tucker carlson the fox news ankar had to leav fox news.and fox news the rupert murduck company hade to setel in court787.5 miljon dollars

76 procent dont want biden to run for us president.and for trump it looks like he will be the opponet for biden in the coming elecktions in usa.ron desantis i dont know him and what he is about.

credit suisse lots 68 billjon dollars says the bank.

bukina faso africa 60 peppol killed in an attack.

666 Cents: The Rise to Fame and Fortune of Senegalese-Swedish Rapper Aldo C

In a remarkable journey from the streets of Senegal to the bright lights of the international music industry, rapper Aldo C, known by his stage name 666 Cents, has captivated audiences with his unique fusion of funky sounds reminiscent of The Weeknd and the legendary Michael Jackson. Hailing from Senegal, the same country that brought us the renowned rapper Akon, Aldo C has emerged as the second Senegalese rapper to make a name for himself in Sweden, where he currently resides.

Born and raised in Senegal, Aldo C experienced a tumultuous life, marked by numerous encounters with the law that led to several incarcerations. However, his journey took a dramatic turn when he relocated to Sweden. It was in this new environment that Aldo C’s passion for music began to flourish, particularly within the realm of gangster rap. The gritty and authentic nature of his lyrics resonated deeply with the streets of Sweden, propelling him to stardom in no time.

Drawing from his personal experiences, Aldo C’s music serves as a powerful reflection of his life’s struggles and triumphs. His captivating performances and explosive stage presence have earned him recognition not only in Sweden but also in his home country of Senegal, where his name reverberates throughout the streets of West Africa. Many music enthusiasts and critics alike predict that he is poised to dominate the rap scene on a global scale.

Prior to his music career, Aldo C made waves as a professional boxer, amassing considerable success and establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the ring. Now, with his sights set on conquering the international music industry, Aldo C’s star continues to rise. His determination, combined with his multifaceted talents, has transformed him into a multi-millionaire, as he embraces this new chapter in his life.

The enigmatic rapper has garnered significant media attention, appearing in television programs and newspapers worldwide. His engaging personality and larger-than-life presence have made him a sought-after figure, captivating fans and industry professionals alike. Aldo C’s TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube accounts serve as a gateway for fans to delve deeper into his captivating musical universe.

As 666 Cents embarks on this new phase of his career, the rapper stands as a testament to the power of resilience and unwavering passion. With his unmistakable style and unrelenting determination, he has the potential to become an influential figure in the international music scene.

Follow Aldo C, also known as 666 Cents, on his social media channels including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to witness his journey as he continues to conquer new horizons and leaves an indelible mark on the global music industry.

turkey is leving nato to jion the brics union

africa and its posibeletys
china usa africa
the china taiwan coming war and the usa
china usa russia and trump
say hello to the Emperor
and the build up of the future of the african world and the west the plan has bean in affect long time.what interests me is the huge potential of economic and infrastructure that could be made available for the whole world the 4 th riche Africans and Europe in one.this is more of a global ambition that I have for the world.all is possible if u put ur mind in to it.the world is att crossroads and it’s time to pick one way and the future is not China or communism it’s the west and Europe and this ambition that is in affect the
4th riche the war is needed and it’s way to rebuild and reboot this part of the world.the war in Ukraina is part 1 and after more must follow and manny must go! This is the plan to replace what is to a better and more sustainable environment and more stability for the new world. I give you the plan that needs to be implemented and come to light now.manny will understand and manny won’t but I can’t help sharing this and the plan that has been in affect for so long and the world is going to change and it’s for the better.maybe we won’t need the same amount of people or political influence and representation as we have now. But we need the economic to grow rapidly and effectively so we have to stop some nations to expand and take the lead forward. People are it on the map to the huge potential that is coming and some won’t be alive some will be and to them il be talking and showing this plan the 4th riech

the swedichs millitery laves mali! can it be the russian has arvied ? the mali peppol do not need western militery in thier soil.mansa musa the ritches man in history is from mali and the contry is richs in gold and minerals oil so i understad that the western world wants in to mali.the same whit the frenchs they have now leaft.after spoosring milicha in mali to unstabil the contry


Rising Tensions: The Clash between the Muslim World, Far-Right Extremism, and the Inclusion of the LGBTQ+ Community


Recent events, such as the burning of the Quran in Sweden, have intensified the ongoing clash between the Muslim world and far-right extremism. This escalation has unfortunate consequences, as the LGBTQ+ community finds itself caught in the crossfire. Amid rising tensions and the looming threat of a holy war, it is crucial to address the complexities of this situation and advocate for peace, understanding, and the inclusion of all marginalized communities.

The Burning of the Quran in Sweden: A Provocation

The burning of the Quran in Sweden is a deeply offensive and provocative act, capable of inciting anger and resentment within the Muslim community. Such actions not only violate the principles of religious freedom and respect but also inflame existing tensions between the Muslim world and far-right extremist groups.

The Clash between the Muslim World and Far-Right Extremism

The clash between the Muslim world and far-right extremism stems from a variety of factors, including political, social, and cultural differences. Radical ideologies, whether religious or nationalist, often breed animosity and conflict. It is crucial to recognize that these extremist views are not representative of the majority within any community and should not overshadow the values of peace, tolerance, and coexistence upheld by the majority of individuals.

The Inclusion of the LGBTQ+ Community in the Crossfire

In the midst of this conflict, the LGBTQ+ community has become an unfortunate target. The intersectionality of identities complicates the situation, as LGBTQ+ individuals face discrimination and persecution within both conservative elements of the Muslim world and far-right extremist circles. The resulting animosity further divides communities and obstructs progress towards equality and understanding.

Advocating for Peace, Understanding, and Inclusivity

  1. Promoting Dialogue and Engagement: Constructive and respectful dialogue is crucial in building bridges between communities. Encouraging open discussions, both locally and globally, can help dispel misconceptions, challenge stereotypes, and foster empathy.
  2. Education and Awareness: Education plays a pivotal role in combating prejudice and promoting inclusivity. By integrating inclusive curricula that address diversity, human rights, and acceptance, societies can create a more tolerant environment for all individuals.
  3. Strengthening Legal Protections: Governments must enact and enforce laws that protect the rights of all citizens, regardless of their religious, cultural, or sexual orientation. Robust legal frameworks help safeguard marginalized communities and create an environment conducive to coexistence.
  4. Intersectionality and Solidarity: Recognizing the intersectionality of identities is vital in fostering solidarity. Advocacy groups, social movements, and community organizations can work together to support and uplift marginalized groups, fostering a sense of unity in the face of adversity.


The clash between the Muslim world and far-right extremism has far-reaching implications, with the LGBTQ+ community becoming an unfortunate casualty. It is essential to approach this complex situation with empathy, understanding, and a commitment to inclusivity. By promoting dialogue, education, legal protections, and solidarity, we can work towards a future where differences are celebrated, conflicts are resolved peacefully, and all individuals can live free from discrimination and fear. Only through these collective efforts can we hope to bridge divides and create a more harmonious world.

Pope Francis visited Congo drc the people who saw the pope was happy to see the holy sea in Africa.drc Congo that just discovered the electric rock vibranium the magic rock tha needs no chargeing.videos of the rock is going viral on TikTok and manny say that this will change everything when it comes to mobile fones and chines and American mining companies are looking in to the rock.
The Emperor of Japan narahito

princes beatrice loke like a movie star

Mr tv Mr murdock
president lula da silva won the brazilijan elektion 2022
Brazil and its people need to look at the situation of the black people in Brazil and the favelas more and more are saying the word negro is frequently used in brazil in a negative turn and this needs to be eradicated and stopped the old slave days racist days must come to an end. president bolsonaro need to put this on his table and combat racism in brazil

Theex world champion Russian giant valuev is draffted to fight for russia and many more russian fighters



zulu king


Cardi b meet gala 2022
The Sweden 🇸🇪 russia 🇷🇺 Finland war

NEW: Russia announced sanctions on U.S. President Joe Biden and a slew of officials in his administration

Temptations to be a goddess in reality and beyond movies are real and understanding the power is there but u have to master itself to be a god or goddess is hear from the Hollywood scenes to real life it’s possible and this must come as positive news from me to u watching videos on YouTube Facebook has made this position possible….those bean watching knows.it’s time for the new ones to be known

Sweden has been treatmend by Russia for the 2 times and what’s interesting is that what saddam hussian and Lycian leader kadaffi did Russia is doing whit the petro dollar this has mean war this time it’s bean sank-ions so the war is on

princess märta Louis and her shaman husband stars for the ultra-new royal worldwide stardom no racism love is the only way
Aldo and Tyson
Ariana Grande is a super hot sexy young star ⭐️ and her songs are making people happy. She is the bomb
People like her song god is a woman and many more
this must be a master pice
now we know harry and megan the us royals
Thank u raul Wallenberg banking cheif
the election in the USA is on and from what we have seen in the last 4 years president trump has been in the white house and the oval office. It’s been an interesting 2020 whit the black lives matter and many new revelations in many sectors of society!the shift in the presidential elections is the jack in the box! Kayne west! how is running to for the white house?

we could see that Kayne had a break down on stage and the year before or one year before he had a break down on stage and when wild on the stage, and ran true the whole music industry from bey once to jay-z and Taylor swift! and 6 years ago Kanye when ran on Taylor swift, when she got an MTV music award.
now rumors say that Kim Kardashian is divorcing Kanye west!
I don’t know it’s rumors from what I know!
now my question is what’s going on?
from underground media, we have seen and heard about president kandidat Biden
and then corona has hit the world and the lockdown has been hard on many
and millions have died from the coronavirus!
united nations chief Guterres and the co-workers have been holding daily briefings around the world and online about the huge spread of the virus.

we have sean us stock market go up and down!
we have seen many high-profile CEOS has left their post in 2020.
China is changing its banking system moving to digital yuan
many more revelations have been made this year. from one thing to an other many mummies has been found in Egypt what I wanna say is that this year has been very special

and things that were so real were taken away fast things that never happened have been happening around the world whit the black lives matter movement.
in the year 2020 pope, Francis did a huge move to grant LGBTQ to marry and have kids in their Christian faiths. and I think this is interesting and about time for that group of people to be taken seriously so for me, this will put pope Francis in history as a powerful man who made the chess move no pope has ever done.

the economy is shifting like it or not its shifting and countries are more awaken to the global structure that is taking shape and what will be interesting is the DAVOS week next year what the business people will say and putting on the agenda,
all I know for myself is that the numbers I see u way more interesting and appealing than what iv sean this year…so the energy is bean right on point all the time
and the process and the calling bean right on time all the time

god, I was wrong no, in fact, he is on point.
let us see what type of energy we are gonna feel and use
and what type of steps will be taken by the different continents and leaders around the world!

we are living in interesting times and it’s all in the media and has been a long time now… there is much that has not been told that has been on the agenda when it comes to news and politics that is sensitive but makes u review the possibilities the world has to offer now. trump wins or not will be of huge significance for the global economy. I’M SORRY FOR THE BAD SPELLING

Business around the world whit the right price I will give u a whole new market whit the downfall of markets and continents and empires around the world. one falls next one on the rise.
the whole world news channels are watching, and the competition is huge. we are on the brink to rise to a whole new level and this one will be eternal.
there are ways that have not been explored religion yes religion we can build that up whit the new system that has been out of order we are building up the new order Asia EU Amerika Africa the whole world is changing and so is this world now. adopt these opportunities to change forever. I tell u the whole world is watching LEADERS KING QEEANS EMPERORS PRESIDENTS PRINCESSES PRINCES WORLD LEADERS THEY ALL WATCHING.
[vplayer id=7932]
happy 40 th b-day Kim!
2019 10 10
The smallest federal quantity easing
7 times say intressrate policy would depend on the economic data
The economies overall in good shape dispute some troubles on the horizon.
reserve chairman says!
Manny Indikators sows history strong labour Marker whit solid jobb gains
Employment on at half-century low in the USA
And rising prime-age Labour force participation.
And there is risks on the horizon growth from much of the world has to weekend over the past year and a half whit unsure on trade and Brexit pope risk to the outlooks.
The central banks will begin increasing  the size of their Blanche sheaths on permeant bases 
Powell says
growth of our balance sheet for reverse management the purposes should in no way of be       Confused whit the large-scale assets purchase program that we deployed after the financial crisis. Nither the recent technical issues nor the purchase of treasury bills we are contemplating to resolve them should materially alter the stance of monetary policy.
 This was  is an opportunity or Powell to change the market expectations for the October meeting and it seems that he has chosen not to do so 
What they have to do is to preeminently replace the temporary operating they did to provide greater liquidity that’s about 200 billion dollars of work they need to do. Yes
The smallest quantitative easing was 600 billion dollars.
and then try gonna grow the balances sheets based on the economy it’s not an attempt to lower  long term interest rates 
It’s an attempt to provide the Ampel amount of the reserve to keep the fund’s rate where they put it.
It’s not intended and not in actual size or not in execution is to quantity easing u could argue.
My summery!

is the trade war and Brexit is the dangerous 2 events that cloud rock the global market. China wants to win trump wants Amerika first.
The EU wants a deal on Brexit. and the UK is wanting to get out whit a deal or no deal on Brexit.
The problem is that this gonna affect many people on the global market.
and markets must be in balance for society to prosper, so Brexit and trade wars will have to be taken whit huge caution.
And it’s not called a trade war  for no reason 
It’s literally a world economic war that could hit many people
and this is global In several different parts of the world us, China, the
EU, Britain.
The federal reserve chairman Jerome Powell 
Gives a positive outlook for the  ner future
And people’s is working and making an earn and providing for their Households and families.
What we from Europe is looking towards is the Eu and its eccentricity growth that has been over the last years, the euro has bean strong last 4-5-6 years and still Climbing that exciting world economic market.
I guess that leaves lead us to Afrika and the Chinese investments overseas.
Some say  Ethiopia is a fast-growing country 
And there is many more country’s in Africa now growing. in the hi rates and I find this interesting! 
And should be for the Eu as the us 
To join the continent where the whole continent only resorts after resort after resort,
It’s time time to take a new path like China has done to be in the 2 places economically on the world stage in no time.
Reports say that in Sweden the last few years it’s been growing economically, and reports say that will now slow down but still,
there will be growth but slower. This was reported in Sweden on 9th October

[vplayer id=8220] its all love
??‍♂️❤️?‍♂️ just love the hole  meaning is Love and respect to u ??‍♂️all❤️?‍♀️????BBB BLACK CLAN 
The parti site.

[vplayer id=8330]

When Kadafi was killed u saw his body on the streets of Libya! 
When Saddam Hussain got hangd it when living on YouTube!
But Usama bin laden what happen ? 
I would like to ask the Obama administration and Hilary Biden and the rest! Like the team ta took him!Navy team seal team 6 or Delta.
No us news networks has Evan covered this question or in Europe or In uk 
Where is bin laden body? is the question!
Such a big terrorist as bin laden jo did 911 in New York ?? 
They post the picture and berries him  In The sea, 24 hours later he is just gone?  
I’m just asking this should be looked up and an answer is needed.

If the news wanna keep its sovereignty,
And it’s relabelbilety they need to talk now.
Some Days ago it was Told Usama bin laden son was killed 
Where is the body?

I just see loopholes in media and I’m asking questions.
Do China now or France or UK or Sweden or Brazil or Russia who knows?
Tell us plz 
They just caught bin laden and drop him in the sea ??? Come on now whit all due respect!
to The people around this case 
 have been said to be quiet!
But we don’t by it 
To say that he was thrown in the sea is not really right! Tell us now plz.


[vplayer id=7622] 
We had the Chance to catch up whit the movie director,producer’and writer!
Lauand Omar from Syria 

And wee had the Chan’s to talk to him about his lates movie!
 the curse of Mesopotamia 

1 What is that you do? 
I’m a writer, director and producer. 

2 I heard about your movie Curse of Mesopotamia  can’t u tell me about the movie ?

Curse of Mesopotamia was released in 2016 worldwide via Itunes and Amazon. It was a official selection at The Panama Horror Film fest and FICA, Acapulco International Film Festival. 

2 Who wrote the script / Who directed the movie  ?

I wrote the script and directed. 

3 Where was it filmed ?

We started filming in Kurdistan Iraq, but had to stop due to the advance of ISIS, we finished filming in Jordan. 

4 Which actors starred in the movie ?

I hired and international cast. That’s what the story asked for. Amongst them US actor Terrell Carter (“Empire” on Fox), French actress Melissa Mars (“From Paris with Love”), Karim Saidi (Steven Spielberg’s “Munich”) from Morocco, Hania Amar (‘The Nile Hilton Incident”) from Algeria and US actress Stacy Thunes (“Spides”).

5 how well did the movie do?

We premiered the movie in Iraq and were #1 at the Box Office for 2 weeks, then the new James Bond movie took over! Internationally we did good for an independent movie, it was released digital worldwide late 2016 early 2017. 

6 where can I see this movie ?

In sweden it’s available on itunes.

7 what is the movie about ?

It’s based on the newroz legend which is celebrated in Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran. A modern take, playing with reincarnation. It’s about 5 strangers who are brought together by a demon to go back in time and change history. 

8  which company produced ?

My company Deebo Films produced alongside Iraq’s Visual K and Jordan’s Mena Films.

9 and what’s next for u and ur team

Currently we are creating a new series in Mexico titled “La Diosa de Sangre”

10 where are you from / where were you born ?

My family are kurds from Syria, I was born in Beirut/Lebanon and grew up in Tunisia and later Germany.

11 What are your goals for the future? 

Work hard Play hard. 

12 What is ur dream actor to work with and in what type of movie ?

There are a lot of actors I like, too many to name one. Ok, I lied, Angelina Jolie. I think it’s time she does a horror movie no? Yeah a crazy fucked up horror movie with Angelina Jolie would be cool! 

13 How old are u ?

I’m 40 now. Almost dead. 

14 Have you seen Swedish movies?
Growing up I watched the Ingmar Bergman movies and Pippi Longstocking ?.
Then not so many. Last week I watched Midsommar. That was shot in Sweden, does that count?

15 Have you been to Sweden ?

I have never been to Sweden! I’m gonna come visit you guys soon! When it’s not too cold. 

16 where in USA is it u dream about to be working on a movie on and with what big movie Company u wanna work with?
Hollywood is everyone's dream when they start making movies, but things have changed thanks to digital platforms, it’s all international now. People are bored of the typical hollywood remake. And so am I.


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  2. Hey bro this is good for all of us,This is good news for the people to know and the truth is what youTelling In this news page thank you for creating this page champ Aldo .

    1. Love understandingly is the key to this world today!
      No Mather how hard life gets!
      U have to keep moving forward.
      I’m happy u found this page I hope to have u on it soon and hear about ur life!.
      Thank u for ur time papy.

    1. At times like this it’s important in 7 different ways to reach out to people, and see that all the world is not lost and that no matter how hard life gets there will all-ways bee a light in the tunnel.and it’s very good to find the light inside u and whit u finding this page I’m giving u some of my light. So it’s important to Spread the word further.so yes u hit a nail by finding this page.thank u for ur time and comeback!

  3. I agree that the tone in media regarding Mr Trump is puzzling to say the least, at least to an outsider looking in. from this perspective it hardly seems constructive to use the word ”impeachment” in every other sentence. We need long-form debates where each side try to honestly convey their side of the story. Through good conversation we can move the world forward, one syllable at the time.

    1. I could say that this one of the best perspectives of the trump issue that i dint understand that peplos see.
      But from this is that u say provides the world to understand that we seeing the problem to the core.

      And this brings hope to the world trump 2020

  4. Very interesting webside about many important things. For me boxing part is the best. I am from Poland, I know a lot of about boxers. Aldo is my favourite from Sweden. Good, nice boy and so proffesional. He takes care about politics as well:)
    Good to see multitopics side:)

    1. I will work on that to make u come
      to this page and read the News that is very interesting g IF u take time and in between ul hear music to and there’s to u will hear stu!

      And mutch more but i Hope u can u frestande the movement in this pages have to open
      All senes to be on point!

      Its new yes but its a great thing to have and do this way wonderful is the frist word

  5. Gillade låten om äckliga Biden bro..
    Hoppas han åker in på livstid den korrupta pedofilen.


    Liked the song about disgusting Biden bro ..
    Hope he goes in for a lifetime to the corrupt pedophile.

    1. What can wee say? This is life today, in one way u have to understand what the world has become,
      And we have to be honest and say that 10 years ago this would have bean dealt whit in a different way,
      But today it’s different.

      But I see what ur saying and understand how u feel.

  6. I can see what is happening and it is wrong. I am aquainted with Aldo. I see what Sweden is doing agains people. It must stop! This state, The Kingdom of Sweden, can treat people wich it so pleases. That can not be allowed. The State of Sweden has to stop using these kind of atrocities must come to an end..

  7. I just dont know what is going on in Sweden?
    In some cases it’s ok yes!
    But in many cases we are in a very strange country where u hear peplos being followed,
    And harassed by government forces,

    How can it be in a country like Sweden
    What’s going on it’s not only me asking,
    Peplos getting mystery sickness from nowhere
    And the government is looking on

    The system is in the brink of collapse
    Is it money? Is it international politics?
    Iz it the peplos in Sweden ? Iz it jellocy
    What is ur problem

    Let peplos liv there life.
    I have to be hard.
    We are moving back words
    Greed is taking over the souls off leader

    Me me me and not we we we
    Is one very big problem
    And as we see right on this place
    That ain’t working.

    U wanna turn peplos vs peplos to divide us
    Just make us stronger and stronger it’s getting
    The police need to wake up
    Ur working for ur kids future

    And not for the corruption that is gering the country down.

  8. It’s good that some speaks of this problems because the rest of this country’s ignoring these issues ?

    1. We like too look the opposite side some times in life,
      And this will cause bigger problems than we ever could imagine.
      And that like a corrector u have to correct what wrong in life?
      Life is not or nor every easy for manny,
      The problem or the program have to be changed.
      For the manny how is out side of the sun!
      Wee all need the warmth and wellbeing in life,

      There is a huge process in life that is to be ur self and to stand ur ground like they say! ?THIS IS SPARTA! From the movie 300?

      Thank u for ur time and feel free to comeback and read what’s important and interesting in the media world ?

    2. We like too look the opposite side some times in life,
      And this will cause bigger problems than we ever could imagine.
      And that like a corrector u have to correct what wrong in life?
      Life is not or nor every easy for manny,
      The problem or the program have to be changed.
      For the manny how is out side of the sun!
      Wee all need the warmth and wellbeing in life,

      There is a huge process in life that is to be ur self and to stand ur ground like they say! ?THIS IS SPARTA! From the movie 300?

      Thank u for ur time and feel free to comeback and read what’s important and interesting in the media world ?

  9. Regarding Ms Thunberg

    Much have been made of the young and tenacious Swedish activist Ms Thunberg. It may sound strange and perhaps even seem preposterous to forign ears that Greta is not a unique phenonam from my Swedish perspective. I can honestly say I´meet many women like her in my time. Sweden is known for its free, intelligent, headstrong and idealistic women. I think its fair to say that there may not be a Greta in every classroom in Sweden, but sure theres one in every school. If you think she is annoying get ready for a tidalwave of new Gretas assaulting every wall of sedimentary corruption laid down by the boomers and defended by generation X.

    Albeit not every one of them with the same cause, level of engagement or clarity of thought.
    Greta is the oppetimy of Swedish female spirit. Just look at “Pippi Longshanks” and “Lotta” from 
    (A clever little girl like lotta) two of the most iconic Swedish fictional characters of all time. Both are the work of the beloved and controversial Astrid lindgren. It bears to mention that the direct translation of Lottas books and movies are “Lotta from troublemakers street”

    I am not making the argument that Ms Thonberg is the Climate Jean de Arc of our time, perhaps she will be only time can tell. But to be anoyed and angry at a teen for wanting the world to change is like being upsett att rain for being wet. Bob Dylan once wrote “The times they are a changing” In it hear a focused anger forge into purpose and meaning and I think Greta has some of the same Energy and emotion.

    “Come senators, congressmen please heed the call”
    “Don’t stand in the doorway don’t block up the hall”
    “Come mothers and fathers throughout the land”
    “Your sons and your daughters beyond your command”
    “Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend a hand”

    I remember being sixteen and thinking I could change the world, then my father passed. After I had gone to university I thought I could change peoples minds. Then I found the strength to change myself and the life I led. And when I did that I felt like I was sixteen again. I belive the everyday choices we make are the foundation of real change. I think to many people do bad things for the “greater good” thats why I 
    don´t share Gretas passion for grand gestures and speeches. Good is often hidden in the small, quiet and ordinary but it is there nonetheless.

    To Judge other people according to your own moral code is a mental and moral fallacy. You can only judge a person according to their own convictions. This young woman is trying to make the world a better place.She is trying to be a good person and she is trying to make a difference. Are you?

  10. Wee in Sweden love the lil girl ? that is rocking the world ? whit the climate change issue.
    And has bean all the way to the United nation in New York, that’s big around the world as we se and the Swedish people is certainly celebrating this huge process.

    This proves that Sweden is a GeForce to be recognized around the world
    And for this we are happy ?
    Go go go Greta get the Nobel peace price!

    To se this hole process is like the girl story Pippi Longstocking while I have some concern about that Pippi and the story about Pippi father! To those how know will know if not watch the series.

    There has bean lots of talk about Greta and there has bean Evan conspiracies about the lil girl ? and that reporter say she is this and that I think it’s wrong.

    She is a lil girl on the world Sean and need to be taken care of in the best way possible.
    This proves that the grown ups needs to realize that she is truly special and beautiful lil girl and deserves respect. For her climate acknowledges.

    The we move on the politics if the leaders vill Lisen or not is a hole other process.
    Let lil Greta be lil Greta and let her wings out and fly the hole world to spread her word about the? climate crisis

    1. Thank u man! We are happy that people like this page. And finde it interesting.
      We are trying to make this page count for the country and the hole world ?
      So thank u I’m great-full that u like it
      And,feel free to come back to this page and ask what u want
      We will get back to u shortly!

  11. Hej Aldo. Jag har en fråga, som inte tagits upp så mycket men som jag personligen tänkt på i flera år.

    Hur kommer det sig att det mer accepterat att säga ”Zigenare” än att säga N ordet?

    Jag kan tänka mig att många inte vet om att ordet ”Zigenare” är ett skällsord, Aldo Colliander, Hur ser du på det? ?

    Hi Aldo. I have a question, which has not been raised much, but which I have personally considered for several years.

    How come it is more accepted to say ”Gypsy” than to say the N word?

    I imagine many people do not know that the word “Gypsy” is a curse word, Aldo Colliander, How do you look at it??

  12. Englich!
    Well if I cloud I would erase the 2 names
    But it’s historical society that has bean
    And that we are now past that
    The N word and the gypsi word
    So me don’t really care about it
    It’s old news and I think we should look forward

    Vad ska jag sÄga on jag kunde skulle jag radera båda namnen!
    Men det historia som har lämnat sina spår
    Och vi har passerat detta tycker jag
    N ordet och zigerna ordet
    Jag tycker vi ska gå fram och kolla fram åt

  13. We’re a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community.

    Your web site provided us with valuable information to work on. You’ve done an impressive job and our entire
    community will be grateful to you.

    1. If I may ask how are u or yall ?
      And what information are u getting
      This is public news that wee see
      Plz get back to me

  14. Sweden and its mile-piles of depth

    The once so free nation where one could drink the water right from the tap due to the clearing water In the lakes. Sweden has changed dramatically.

    After more than 33 years in Sweden and gone through the joining the of the European union until the day that Britain is dropping from union on 31st of October.

    Whit a deal or no deal Brexit, if there will be a British crash out of the EU, there is no doubt that a lot that has happened during this time that Sweden joined the European union and there is much more to come!

    It will not take such a long time, two years perhaps, before Sweden will adopt The Euro as its currency. Then we will be there.

    Sweden’s joining of The Euro Project and The Brexit

    Sweden will suffer a direct hit as an unavoidable result of The Brexit and other countries as well, because Brussels have to think about how to handle the problem for the entire EU, and maintain the economy running. The members of The EU will then have to pay for it all. This will cost Sweden dearly. This is a result of the pressure the crash. Sweden is no longer the same as it was before. This will be seen in the whole Euro zone.

    There are more and more people on the streets and the immigration does not stop. This in turns places a hard burden on Sweden and its finances. The resulting diversity and divided society in, among other nations such as Germany and France, will put us under a severe pressure. This will result in civil disorder such as conflicts, hate, racism, demonstrations, clashes, and this will eventually result in hate between the different peoples in Sweden. To me as a citizen it is my firm belief that our society will not be able to take much more. The introduction of The Euro here in Sweden will ultimately result in the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer.

    The Internet is full of information and to be honest people will not put up with working more and paying increasing taxes, and get nothing for it. It will be even more difficult to get an Appartement if you do not have millions on you bank account.

    People can not take it any more. Immigration from countries at war and they have far worse problems than Swedes that live normal lives but that suffer from various diagnoses, wich poses a problem.

    The politicians must change The EU, No matter wether they are french, brits, germans, or Sweden. Alla politicians in Bruxelles have to take this into consideration and change the entire Eurosystem.

    The Brexit is a clear indication that something is terribly wrong with the entire EU-system. This should be a wake up call for the politicians. There is a huge crack in The EU project. The politicians have failed. We are adrift in a deep sea. This is serious and something the politicians knead to be alarmed. However they do not want to listen.

    The current system with democracy is not working properly. But other systems such in The Peoples Republic of China axially works far better than democracy works over here. It simply does not work, not at all. Just take a look at The US with Trump and impeachment. The media runs the US and not Trump. That is not the situation in China where the economy flourishes.

    Take a look at China. The people follow their leader which is an intelligent man. He cleaned away corruption from China. And this is where we keep on failing all of the time.

    The only way forward is to start working together. We have to change both The US and Sweden. No matter love or hate we have to move forward together.

    The coming Brexit will clearly show where the entire EU is heading. The Euro, should Sweden ever adopt it, will eventually affect the Swedish society.

  15. I would like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in penning this site.
    I really hope to see the same high-grade content by you later
    on as well. In truth, your creative writing abilities has motivated me to get my very own site now 😉

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