The god culture

i have a dream I whant to make her my puppet not to just love just to make up , add a mask to make her a star in my head there is plans to make her a even bigger star on all levels the world has never seen before, the presentation is all , this one is clean and pure a true blood line.

For me shes nunbin dark beautiful warrior godess from the  heavens and a clean soul .

When I talk about it my melanin I vibrating , when I think about this godly creation this magic is all the  way its pland and setup this can’t fail. Its not on radar to be the grace the royalty the pureness this realm has ever seen. The power is god.

In my light I want to carry you thru it she is a godess , she is paradise , she is joy , she is a wonder , she is hard as thunder

Her blackness can’t be explained the melanin is magic

Better then voodoo or sankaria.

She agient from the first ages but still 2000 in her years this is the god culture in a factory black as the universe hard as iron , in its best strength the trend is her we have been thru kings and queens no we are of to god and godess. in a new culture called the god culture

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